Erin Hengel

Asset Pricing

Problem set solutions for the 2014 and 2015 postgraduate asset pricing course at the University of Cambridge taught by Professor Christopher Harris.

Course materials available on request.

Stata Fundamentals

Introductory Stata course. Concentrates on understanding basic syntax and deciphering Stata's extensive and coherent (yet underrated) help files and documentation. The course begins with basic descriptive statistics commands and ends with generating complex tables and graphs and automating tasks with do-files.

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Data Management in Stata

Intermediate Stata course. Covers managing memory and variable types, reorganising, reshaping and combining data, manipulating and comparing data files, mass producing tables and charts and using macros and extended macro functions. In addition, advanced data transformations, basic programming and accessing stored results after running estimation commands are discussed.

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Stata Programming

Advanced Stata course. Introduces participants to many of Stata's programming features, including macros, macro expressions, extended macro functions, compound double quotes, looping and branching, indexing and incorporating Mata functions.

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